A well crafted story about the pharmaceutical industry

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" A prescient and well told story. I couldn't put it down. "

" This is a great read: heroes, villains, U-turns, love interests, money, tragedy ... you name it. But all the while, it is powerfully realistic, reflecting the author’s deep knowledge of a complex industry, and revealing the multilayered dramas that indeed underlie the stories of success (and failure) in the world of pharmaceuticals and biotech. Even the unresolved loose ends are authentic (did those old colleagues ever hook up?). For the outsider this is also an industry primer and provides just enough background to put the plot into an understandable human context. The humans that act it all out, if not exactly the infuriating thinkers of Dostoyevsky novels, are very believable. Industry veterans (like this reviewer) have met them all before, and it is a pleasure to spend another few fictional years with them."  – AKW Powell

" Fast-paced and intriguing story that provides unparalleled insights into the challenges of developing a cure for Alzheimer's "

" Race for the Mind is a well crafted story about the pharmaceutical industry, a devastating disease and the people who work tirelessly in service of patients all over the world. From the first chapter, I was quickly drawn in by the characters and the intersects of the plot through out. The author has a way with story telling that allows you to share the emotions of each character-love, heartbreak and loss, anxiety and stress, failures and successes. While also accurately depicting the business of drug development and the years it takes to help even one patient. Will there be a sequel to Race for the Mind? I hope so."    Bee June 2018

" Race for the Mind is a captivating novel. Dan Welch weaves a compelling tale of corporate survival and the development of life changing medicines. I was impressed by the very detailed and informative story that includes the forces of evil and introduces the complexities of drug development.

Race for the Mind is a must read book. "

Race for the Mind is a medical thriller about the audacious challenge to defeat one of our greatest socio-economic threats - Alzheimer’s disease - and how the medical community and the pharmaceutical industry rise to face it. The pressure and enormous stakes of the Race for the Mind expose the most noble and misguided aspects of our humanity.


Dr. Darya Rostov, one of the greatest minds of a generation is stricken with Alzheimer’s disease - she represents the 50 million people who are currently making their long journey into the night. Jack Callahan is the CEO of BioNeuro, a San Francisco biotech company developing what could be the first breakthrough for patients like Darya. Dr. Nathaniel Shah, a brilliant neurologist rises to run SNS, a rival company based in Geneva, Switzerland and hides a terrifying secret.


The plot tracks Callahan and Shah, each driven by very different things and their struggle within themselves and with each other. It should be all about the patients like Rostov – but alas, we’re all human - and that sometimes gets in the way. 100 percent of the profits from book sales will be donated to Alzheimer's care, support and research.

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Dan has spent his entire career in the pharmaceutical business - decades of experience in multi-national pharmaceutical companies and smaller, US-based biotech companies. He has had a leadership role in the development and launch of several “block-buster” medicines; some the most prescribed in the world and others, break-through medicines for life-threatening diseases. Dan also worked in venture capital and private equity firms; essential sources of capital for developing new companies and medicines.    

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